Comedy with the Magic Wacky Waiter "Marc"

To Mr. Marc Magic the entertainment of his audience is his primary goal! For this reason he also enjoys acting as a comedian- always including his unbelievable magic tricks!

Magic meets Comedy

“Would you like to have a cup of coffee?” is the polite question of the waiter (alias Marc Magic- obviously masked so he won’t be recognized as the magician), who has a rather strange but yet sympatric appearance. He pours the hot, delicious beverage into the cup, visible to everyone. “Where should I put it?” asks the waiter politely.  The patron points in an irritated manner to the table in front of him. The waiter trips. Oh god! The patron and all the other guests are scared. A woman screams. But the magician only spills confetti.

“Oh, I am sorry! That was probably a little bit dry!?!” These situations become more and more frequent as the event proceeds. The charming waiter Marc conducts alcohol tests, which they may not pass and tells stories about old times in Englands with the aid of magic..

Treat yourself with deliciousness!!! Marc would be delighted to bring collegues along to your event.

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  1. Dear Mr. Magic, or shall I rather say “Mr. Waiter Marc”? Your performance knocked us out! We nearly died because of laughing… The best was that exactly these guests who are pleased at most on your role screamed at the end loudest: “I knew it the whole time! ”… You realy bewitched us as waiter!“
    Anja Uhland, Uhland-Film, Frechen

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